In-Stock Rods


These In-Stock Signature Rods are currently available for purchase.  Please contact Larry with any questions at 952.797.4943

2 Piece Signature Rods Available

  • 6’3″ 4wt 2pc. Java brown tipped in Black
    Great small stream rod with a lot of reserve power.
  • 7’6″ 5wt 2pc. Cardinal tipped in Black
    Progressive, fast action rod! Extra cork in the grip than normal making it slightly faster.


3 Piece Signature Rods Available

  • 6’9″ 3wt 3pc. Scarlet tipped in Black (Flamed Rod)
    Extremely smooth 3 weight with a delicate presentation. Great for small streams.
  • 7’3″ 3/4wt 3pc. Highland Green tipped in Black
    Extremely smooth, small to medium size stream rod. Can cast either a 3 or 4 wt. line, WF or DT!
  • 7’3″ 3/4wt 3pc. Cardinal tipped in Black
    Versatile 3 or 4 weight that will handle small to medium streams.


Rod Blanks available for finish

  • 7’6″ 5wt 3pc. blonde
  • 8’0″ 5wt 3pc. blonde
  • 8’0″ 6wt 3pc. blonde
  • 8’0″ 4wt 2pc. blonde


In Stock Rods