Rod Building Classes

If you have ever dreamed of fishing a bamboo rod that you made with your own hands, Larry offers rod building classes to help you check that off your bucket list.  You will be able to select your own culm of bamboo and decide what silk to use on what tone blank.  At the end of a two part class you will walk away with a 2 piece, 2 tip bamboo rod ready to take to your favorite river to fish.  Both classes are held in Larry’s expansive bamboo shop in Minnesota where you will be able to use the finest bamboo tools on the market. All you will need to bring to your class is your enthusiasm, all the tools and materials Larry will provide. These classes will help you save time, money and frustration in completing your bamboo fly rod.

Beginning rod makers should start with the Blank Making Class and progress into the Finishing Class. By taking both classes in succession you will be on the right track to completing your bamboo rod.

If you have your own blank or wish to buy a finished blank from Larry, you can jump into the Finishing Class and learn the steps in an otherwise frustrating process. Larry has been touted as having one of best finishes on a bamboo rod as seen in The Jordan-Mills Rod Co. publication “….some of the finest silk work yet seen from an American maker…” Carmine Lisella, Prop. (No.43 – Fall 2014).


Rod Blank Making Class

Learn how to go from a culm of bamboo to a rod blank ready for ferrules, cork and guides.

Topics include, but not limited to:

●    Selecting and splitting bamboo
●    Tempering and node preparation
●    Beveling and tapering strips
●    Hand planing (planing form set up, fundamentals and use)
●    Gluing, binding and straitening the strips
●    Blank cleaning, straitening and preparation for ferrules

The tuition for the Blank Making Class is $1,200 which includes all the materials and use of tools.

Finishing Class

Learn how to take a blank and turn it into a beautiful finished bamboo rod that you can be proud of taking to your favorite water to fish.

Topics include, but not limited to:

●    Mounting and fitting ferrules
●    Bluing hardware
●    Gluing and turning the cork grip
●    Laying out and wrapping the guides
●    Dipping the rod
●    Finishing the rod

The tuition for the Finishing Class is $1,200 which includes all materials to finish your rod including ferrules, cork, guides, silk and more (a material value of over $350).

The tuition for taking both classes is $2,000. A $400 savings!

Please call to schedule your rod making class.